Research and Collections

The Center serves as a repository for a variety of collections and materials related to the Great Plains and High Plains region. The Center’s holdings include the collections of the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society, which has loaned its expansive collection of Sandoz materials for the exhibits and archives.



  • Mari Sandoz Manuscripts
    • Slogum House
    • Miss Morissa
    • Over 90 Short Works —  including unpublished — Please contact Center for titles
  • Audio
    • “Voices of History” — Oral History project in 1970s of local residents, includes Jules Sandoz, Jr.
    • Mari Sandoz sound recordings
  • Correspondence Collections — Being processed
  • Scholarly works written about the work of Mari Sandoz — Please contact Center for titles
  • Oral History Interviews of local and regional ranching families collected through the C.F. Coffee Gallery
  • Papers from other individuals
    • James F. Carr
    • Donald Green


  • Native-American collection — small in scope
  • Personal Effects of Mari Sandoz’ New York Apartments
    • Textiles
    • Household goods
    • Misc.
  • Fine Art
    • Bad Heart Bull, Amos
    • Forsyth, Mary Bryan
    • Halsmann, Phillipe
    • Kirsch, Dwight
    • Lundeen, George
    • Red Elk, Greg
    • Tipton, David
    • Watson, Kit


The Center’s library collections focus on the Trans-Missouri West, with strong emphasis on the High Plains Region. There are currently over 6,000 titles in the Center’s collections. 

Periodicals – various including Nebraska History Magazine

Nebraska Cattleman – various years and editions

Microfilmed copies of the Mari Sandoz materials available at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln


  • 150+ images of Mari Sandoz
    • Various Photographers - including Phillipe Halsmann and Dwight Kirsch
    • Various locations - Sandhills homestead, Lincoln, Wisconsin, New York, Colorado
    • Events - Awards ceremonies, book signings
  • Sandoz Family
  • Macumber Family
  • Ray and Faye Graves Photographic Studio Collection
  • David Tipton Collection - Sandhills photographs
  • Dwight Kirsch Collection - landscape photographs
  • Kira Gale Collection

Center Collections

The Center and the organizations for which it holds collections have been actively collecting materials for over forty years. Listed below are the collections currently held by the Center.

Please note that inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean that the materials have been processed. Finding aids are available for those papers and collections that have been processed. Researchers interested in collection without an online finding aid may contact the Center Director to inquire about an inventory. Researchers should note that access to collections require a minimum of two business days advanced notice. The list of collections are arranged alphabetically.

Key to the Table Headings:

  • Title: Name of the collection and, where possible, the date range of its contents.
  • Collection Number: This is the "call number" used to identify each individual collection.
  • Size: Listed in linear feet.
  • Physical Description: Number and type of containers housing the collection. Paige boxes (abbreviation: P.) are large archival containers and Hollinger boxes (Holl.) are smaller containers of varying size. Other abbreviations: envelopes (env.), oversized (OS), and manuscripts (MSS).
  • Processed: Indicates whether collection has been arranged for researcher use. Unprocessed collections can still be viewed, but may be disorganized.
  • Finding Aid: Additional forms of description such as contents lists, registers, preliminary inventories (pre inv.), or individual folder listings may exist for each collection. Online finding aids are available here.
  • Restriction: A restricted collection is not open for research due to student, employee, university, or other privacy restrictions.
TitleNumberSizePhysical DescriptionProcessedFinding AidRestriction
Alliance Public Library Collection ACC# 0.23 Books Y pre-inv N
Arthur Vetter Collection 2000-67 6.15 Archival N pre inv N
Barbara Marcy Collection     Books, Objects      
Bill Ramm Collection     Books      
Blanche Sandoz Collection     Archival Books Objects      
Bob and Jeanette Marshall Collection     Books      
C. F. Coffee Gallery Collection     Archival, Books, Objects, Oral History, Photographs      
Caroline Sandoz Pifer Collection of Mari Sandoz Materials 1997.001   Archival, Books, Objects, Photographs Yes Y Y – Selections
Cartwright-Drueke High Plains Collection     Books      
Chadron State College Collection     Archival, Books, Objects, Photographs      
Claire Mattern Western Literature Collection     Archival, Books, Objects, Photographs      
Coffee Family Collection            
Cottier-Fish Collection            
Ray and Faye Graves Photographic Studio Collection     Photographs      
Rolland Dewing Collection of Wounded Knee II Materials     Audio Recordings and Archives   Y N
Don Green Collection     Archives      
Ron Hull Collection     Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Archives      
Judy McDonald Collection     Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Archives      
Mari Sandoz Room in Gordon     Archives, Photos      
Madrid Collection     Photographs      
Fred W. Ferrar Collection     Photographs      
Ronald Speer Collection     Oral History, Photographs,      
Chadron State College Permanent Art Collection     Objects, Archives      
Dr. Samuel Rankin Presidential Papers     Archives      
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