Book Lending

In order to make it easier for your book club, library, or school to read the works of Mari Sandoz, the Sandoz Center, in partnership with the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society, has started a book lending program.

The Sandoz Center will lend to any book club, library, or school up to twenty copies of any Mari Sandoz book. The only cost to the organization or group borrowing the books will be return shipping/shipping to the next borrower and replacement costs for any books damaged or missing while in the possession of the group. If requesting group is outside of the United States or if your group would like books in a language other than English, additional charges will apply.

The books are provided through the generosity of private donors and endowment funding.

To request books through this program, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name of organization (book club, library, or school)
  • Title of Sandoz Book
  • Number of books requested
  • Language of book requested, if other than English
  • Date of books needed and approximate amount of time books will be needed
  • Contact person with phone number and e-mail
  • Mailing address for the books

Discussion Questions

Supplemental Material

Presentations for Your Book Club

The Sandoz Center and Mari Sandoz Heritage Society have a wide network of scholars, friends of Mari Sandoz, and Sandoz enthusiasts all over the United States who would be happy to work with your book club. The Sandoz Center also has the ability to web cast to your location for presentations as well. If you are interested in having someone speak to your group, please contact the Center at 308-432-6401 and we will help you find the right person for your group.